Biggest Pro Leagues WSOP

The World Series of Poker or WSOP is the most recognizable brand in world poker. The broadcasts of her tournaments have spurred the poker careers of many players, and the achievements of this six-week festival in Las Vegas set a new framework for offline series around the world.

  • The World Poker Championship has given a number of records that no other series can beat yet:
  • The biggest prize for 1st place in a live tournament – $18,346,673 was awarded to the winner of The Big One for One Drop Antonio Esfandiari in 2012;
  • The biggest contributor, The Big One for One Drop, was first held at WSOP 2012;
  • The biggest prize for winning the Main Event of the series was $12,000,000 from Jamie Gold in 2006;
  • The largest entry tournament, The Colossus, collected 22,374 entries in 2015.
  • Jamie Gold and his record-breaking $12,000,000 win

But behind all these records is decades of history, the origins of which go back to the middle of the twentieth century.

History of the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

The development of the gambling business in Las Vegas at that time was at the expense of classic casino games, poker was not considered a particularly promising sphere. As is often the case, poker has been helped by individual enthusiasts.

The first was professional player Nick Dundalos. He managed to negotiate with the owner of the casino “Podkova” Benny Binion to organize a small poker show. Its participants were Nick himself and another famous player of the time Johnny Moss. This couple came every night to the casino and for five months for all visitors showed the game of the highest level. After that time, Moss was in the $2 million plus.

Binion was impressed by the popularity of the game between Dundalos and Moss, and he was destined to become the next poker enthusiast to lead to the birth of the World Series of Poker.

The Role of Benny Benion

Benny Benion is one of the founding fathers of the World Series of Poker

In various casinos in Las Vegas, groups of poker players periodically gathered for an expensive game, but it never occurred to anyone to organize them into something more. One such meeting was in 1968 at the Holiday Hotel casino. But the following year it did not take place.

In 1970, Binion decided to gather the most famous Vegas players in his casino. There were only seven of them and they played in the cache. It is now unknown exactly who came up with the idea to give this meeting official status, but it was the first World Series of Poker. Johnny Moss, already familiar with the vote, was recognized as the best.

The following year, Benny decided that the World Poker Championship needed a different format – then there were separate events. In 1971 there were five, the most expensive – had a buy-in of five thousand dollars and became a prototype of the well-known Main Event WSOP. That year, It was won again by Moss. However, for this he had to beat only five opponents.

As the years passed, the World Series of Poker gradually became the largest event of its kind in the United States. The number of players and tournaments has grown. Television pulled up to their coverage. Since 1976, the first winners have received gold bracelets, which are now closely associated with the WSOP.