Types of Poker

Poker variants share the hand of 52 cards and the ranking of poker hands consisting of five cards. The individual poker variants differ in the type of game, the structure of the bets and blinds, as well as possibly in the rating and special rules.

Over time, other types of poker have evolved from the oldest type of Draw Poker, which will enjoy varying popularity and distribution in 2020. We will explain the details of the main poker game types and give you an overview of the top poker variants as they can be found at online poker providers.

The Most Popular Types of Poker Variants

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is currently the most popular poker variant and therefore widely used. Texas Hold’em play with two hand cards and five community cards, also called Hole Cards and Community Cards or Flop Cards. The four rounds are Preflop, Flop, Turn and River: first each game receives its hole cards, then three community cards are revealed, then the fourth and fifth cards. In the rounds, players can bet or exit. In the showdown, the highest poker hand wins.


Omaha is a Hold’em variant and is therefore called Omaha Hold’em. The Omaha rules follow those of Texas Hold’em, but you get four hand cards instead of two. A poker hand must contain two hole cards and three community cards. With Omaha Hi, as with Texas Hold’em, the best poker hand wins.


Stud are poker variants where you get hand cards as well as open cards. The position of the first player changes very often during a hand. Seven Card Stud has evolved from the Five Card Stud, as seen in the poker film Cincinnati Kid. Seven Card Stud is played with seven cards according to its name. You will receive four open cards and three face-down cards. The hole cards are covered two, one is dealt openly. This is followed by 4th, 5th and 7th Street as open cards and 7th Street as the last face-down card.


Draw Poker variants give players the opportunity to exchange hand cards. Five Card Draw is probably the oldest poker form and very well known. In Wild West, it’s the typical saloon poker style. The formerly widespread poker game is rarely seen in 2020 and is played more among friends than online poker. Five Card Draw is played by two to seven players. Each player receives five hand cards, followed by the first round of betting. Usually it is not possible to increase twice in a row and a betting round has a maximum of three raises. After the first betting round, the card exchange, called Draw, follows. Depending on the exact rules, players are now allowed to swap cards, either one, two or three. Some variants also provide for the exchange of four or all cards. After the card exchange, another betting round and the showdown follow. Some draw variants are played with Joker or Jackpot.


As you can see, poker is a diverse and highly varied card game. The different poker games highlight different aspects and each require their own tactics and strategy. As a beginner, you should definitely start with Texas Hold’em: the popular poker style can be played at any online poker provider and offers you a good opportunity to get to know the individual poker hands as well as the basics of betting.